Ruth Somerfield

Semiotics & Design

While the design process is one of continual questioning it can be difficult to look beyond the surface; to create a product, identity or packaging that truly communicates a brand's ethos to a specific global culture, target audience, or need.

Revealing the cultural meaning is one thing, but knowing how that insight can be absorbed and articulated across all touch-points of a design is the challenge.

Ruth Somerfield Semiotics is unique in that it combines rigorous cultural insight with practical design consultancy experience, and a true understanding of the design process in action. It offers not just the analysis, but also collaboration, providing designers with new and practical directions to take a concept forward: whether at the pitch, briefing, creative, or implementation stage - and across packaging, 3D product design, brand or corporate identity.

  • Global Cultural Insight
  • Brand Positioning
  • Strategic Input
  • NPD Inspiration
  • Big Idea Generation
  • Cultural Sense-Checking

Ruth Somerfield

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